MasterMind Session Schedule

Each weekly session is strategically crafted to enrich your growth journey. Discover the power of each segment and its unique benefits.
Opening Session:
Introduction to the Year, Rules of Engagement, Housekeeping, Q &A, 4 Questions and 3 Spaces of an Organization, and Celebrating the WINS (CTW)
Weekly Meeting Segments:
Celebrating the WINS (CTW):
Start each week on a positive note by sharing and acknowledging achievements.
Teaching Sessions:
Dive deep into specific topics and gain actionable insights for personal and professional growth.
GroupTHINK Sessions:
Collaboratively brainstorm and explore innovative solutions within a supportive environment.
WeekScheduled Teaching and GroupTHINK Sessions
1Opening Session I: Introduction to Year, Rules of Engagement, Housekeeping, Q+A, 4 Questions and 3 Spaces of an Organization, and Celebrating the WINS (CTW)
2Teaching Session 2: Review of 4 Questions, LeaderDASHBOARD with 12 Questions
3Teaching Session 3: Review 12 Questions + Influential Leader Capacity (ILC)
4GroupTHINK 1
5Teaching 4 – The LEGENDARY6 Blueprint
6GroupTHINK 2
7Teaching 5 – Problem-Solving with Your Creative Space
8GroupTHINK 3
9Teaching 5 – Holistic Goal Setting for a New Era
10GroupTHINK 4
11Teaching – A Curious Workplace
12GroupTHINK 5
13Teaching – A Deeper Understanding of Our Personality Uniqueness
14GroupTHINK 6
15GroupTHINK 7
16Teaching – Mastering Change in the Workplace Part 1
17GroupTHINK 8
18Teaching – Mastering Change in the Workplace Part 2
19GroupTHINK 9
21GroupTHINK 10
22Teaching – Appreciation That Fits
23GroupTHINK 11
24GroupTHINK 12
25Teaching – Conflict Resolution Mastery Part 1
26GroupTHINK 13
27Teaching – Conflict Resolution Mastery Part 2
28GroupTHINK 14
29GroupTHINK 15
30Teaching – Skill Building with Losses
31GroupTHINK 16
32Teaching – Designing Employee Celebration and Development Reviews
33GroupTHINK 17
34Teaching – Incorporating Emotional Wisdom into Hiring
35GroupTHINK 18
36Teaching – The Art of Negotiation
37GroupTHINK 19
38Teaching – Setting Up 2024 – The 7 Questions for Prosperity
39GroupTHINK 20
The schedule may be subject to change.
Note: Off weeks in December/January (2 weeks) and summer (8 weeks) provide valuable breaks for you to come back refreshed.
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